28 September 2016

Drone Week: Drones in Survey and Asset Management

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The emergence and increasing capabilities of UAVs or drones provides major benefits in civil engineering and asset management, for example in supporting active management of facilities and assets, as well as in topographical survey and planning. We hear from operators already working in these areas how and why drones can used in these environments, and how they can cut costs, improve safety and reduce down time.


14.30: Session Introduction
14.40: Land Survey – an End User’s Perspective
14.50: Land Survey – Operational Issues, Data Collection and Interpretation
15:10: Break
15.30: UAVs for Inspection and Asset Management
16.00: Challenges for Routine Use of Drones in Construction
16.15: Panel Discussion and Q&A Session / Refreshments and Networking Session
17.30: Close

Speakers and Panellists

Scott Hammond
, 4Sight International
Scott, a Director of 4Sight International, itself a spin-out company of Shetland Facilities Management, has over 25 years in the aviation industry as a pilot and an instructor. More recently Scott has worked as an Integrated Control Systems specialist for the Oil and Gas industry. 4Sight International has a strong focus on facilities and asset management.
Jim Maine, CainTech
Jim is a Director at CainTech Ltd. Originally established in 1988 to support the offshore oil sector, CainTech has since expanded into wide ranging areas such as construction and land and hydrographic surveying using leading edge techniques, equipment and software. Jim is also Director of Northern Survey Supplies.

Tim Riome, CainTech
Tim, Director of UAV Operations at CainTech, has spent 25 years in aviation as an Air Traffic Controller. Tim has been involved with CainTech for over 3 years, bringing his expertise in UAV operations and aerial orthographic imaging.

Sue Wolfe, ARPAS-UK
Sue is one of the founding Directors of ARPAS-UK, the UK’s trade association for small drone operators, manufacturers and related businesses. She has over 13 years’ experience in UAV systems and their applications, including development of agricultural and forestry applications and more recently AIRSTART, a national collaborative UAV project developing technology to support routine operation of UAVs Beyond Visual Line of Sight.

Richard Elliott, Richard Elliott Aerial Filming
Richard is the owner and founder of Richard Elliott Aerial Filming. He is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and after careers in surveying, professional stock photography for Getty Images and property development in London, he qualified as a commercial drone pilot in 2014 and set up Richard Elliott Aerial Filming.

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28 September 2016 14:30 - 17:30