20 February 2018

HIE Digital Masterclass: Community Engagement online (Kirkwall, Orkney)

Price: Free

Community Engagement Using Online Channels:

These events are focussed on HIE account managed ‘community’ clients in the following categories:

  • Social Enterprises
  • Development Trusts / Community Associations
  • Community Projects and Community Groups

These events are ideal for projects that are in the early-stages of development, including project-planning, or pre-funding. They are also suitable for well-established projects looking to extend community engagement or improve sustainability.

Being visible and active on social media is an important and effective way of raising awareness of your project and organisation, communicating with stakeholders and being seen by potential investors and funders. This Masterclass will include a hands-on, interactive elements that will not only help you to make better use of the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also how to manage them more effectively with limited resources.

Community Engagement using online channels

  • Review of best practice in community engagement and exemplars of where public engagement can be seen to be working well online
  • Online platforms community engagement - practical review of helpful features and tips
  • Strategies and best practice using online platforms for community engagement
  • Setting a strategy for use of online tools
  • What to do when it all goes wrong. Some case study examples.
  • Discussion: Share experience around the table, identify further needs for support.
  • Conclusions – summary of insights and reference to further sources and contacts

Delegates can attend either or both parts of the Masterclass.

Masterclass Presenter: Emma Gibb

Emma is an experienced trainer, consultant and content writer who has a love for social media, blogging and new technologies, and in recent years she has delivered many digital marketing campaigns, social media management and creative content for a variety of businesses and organisations, including the Association of Scottish Self Caterers, Greater Speyside, Gael Holiday Homes and Brodie Countryfare. She has an MA in English Literature and a background in English Language teaching.  Emma recently completed and was awarded the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (developed and certified by the Digital Marketing Institute).


20 February 2018 10:30 - 15:00


Kirkwall and St Ola Community Centre - Orkney
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